WyoPreps is looking back at some of the numbers posted during the 2021-22 season high school basketball season.

From scoring to rebounding to assists to steals to blocked shots, and even double-doubles and triple-doubles, there were some impressive performances by players from mid-December to mid-March. These statistics are from a single game.

Let’s look at the girls’ individual stats first. The top three marks (and ties) are highlighted, including the single-game best and against which opponent.

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Scoring = 44 points: Lauren Olsen (Douglas) vs. Burns; 38 points: Sierra Kilts (Kaycee) & Lauren Olsen (Douglas).

Rebounding = 22 rebounds: Jorie Hess (Dubois) vs. Fort Washakie; 19 rebounds: Kelsi Nicholson (Burlington), Elaina Howe (Greybull), Kinlie Montgomery (LSR), Reece Halley (Torrington).

Assists = 11 assists: Kailee Gill & Camlyn Connally (Moorcroft) vs. Newell, SD and Kylee Dayton (Cokeville) vs. Saratoga; 10 assists: Sophie Louderback (Upton).

Steals = 14 steals: Saydee Zimmer (Big Horn) vs. Wright; 12 steals: Avery Scott (H.E.M.) – two times, Kelsi Nicholson (Burlington), Ryann Palmer (Midwest), Lauren Olsen (Douglas).

Blocked Shots = 10 blocks: Abigail Hawke (Pinedale) vs. South; 9 blocks: Caroline Schlattmann (Riverside); 8 blocks: Emily Manville (NC).

Double-Doubles = 18 by Reece Halley (Torrington); 14 by Whitney Bennett (Saratoga); 11 by Kelsi Nicholson (Burlington).

Triple-Doubles = 4 by Avery Scott (H.E.M.); 2 by Nicholson (Burlington); 1 by Kailee Gill (Moorcroft).

Let’s look at the boys’ individual top stats. The top three marks (and ties) are highlighted, including the single-game best and against which opponent.

Scoring = 52 points: Nathanial Talich (Central) vs. Sheridan (CO); 50 points: Stu Lerwick (Pine Bluffs); 48 points: Jordan Barraza (St. Stephens).

Rebounding = 23 rebounds: Barraza (St. Stephens) vs. Burlington and Kysar Jolley (East) vs. South; 22 rebounds: Jake Kampman (Kemmerer) and Christian Taylor (Rock River).

Assists = 15 assists: Deegan Williams (Thunder Basin) vs. Campbell County; 12 assists: Talich (Central), D. Williams (TB), Luca Brooks (Upton), and Ryan Wells (Dubois).

Steals = 11 steals: Tate Frome (Star Valley) vs. Sheridan; 10 steals: Brooks (Upton), Koye Gilbert (Encampment); Canyon Egger (Ten Sleep) – 2 times.

Blocked Shots = 10 blocks: Barraza (St. Stephens) vs. Kaycee; 9 blocks: Corbin Simeral (Thermopolis); 8 blocks: Hadley Myers (LSR).

Double-Doubles = 14 by Davis Crilly (Kelly Walsh) and Jake Kampman (Kemmerer); 12 by Stu Lerwick (Pine Bluffs) and Jordan Barraza (St. Stephens).

Triple-Doubles = 2 by Deegan Williams (Thunder Basin); 1 by Nathanial Talich (Central), Cody Wright (Dubois), Alex Mills (Shoshoni), and Luca Brooks (Upton).

What about team totals? We’ve got those, too. Here were the top single-game scoring performances by teams, and the best scoring, shooting, rebounding, and defensive averages by a team for the season.


Most Points = 94 points by Pinedale vs. Big Horn; 87 points by Douglas; 85 points by Rocky Mountain.

Team Scoring = Cheyenne East at 64.5 points per game.

Team Shooting = Cheyenne East at 44.9 percent.

Team Rebounding = Burlington at 35.8 rebounds per game.

Team Defense = Southeast allowed only 25.7 points per game.


Most Points = 106 points by Cheyenne Central vs. Sheridan (CO); 96 points by Wind River; 92 points by Burlington.

Team Scoring = Upton at 68.5 points per game.

Team Shooting = Dubois at 52.5 percent.

Team Rebounding = Tongue River at 39.1 rebounds per game.

Team Defense = Upton allowed only 30.1 points per game.

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