Teams in Class 3A and 4A boys’ basketball have their opportunity at a state championship this week in Casper.

Two teams will win a title in the final days of the season.

The Ford Wyoming Center (FWC) [formerly the Casper Events Center], Casper College (CC), and Kelly Walsh High School (KWHS) are being used as host sites for the two-day tournaments.

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Due to COVID protocols worked out before the season, the format is different this year. All tournaments will be 2-day events. Certain teams will play two games in one day.



Final Score: Game 1 - (2E) Thunder Basin 46 (3W) Green River 24 - first semifinal appearance in program history for the Bolts

Final Score: Game 2 - (1W) Star Valley 66 (4E) Cheyenne East 45 - The Braves win their 16th in a row; first time in the semifinals since 2014 (3A)

Final Score: Game 3 - (3W) Sheridan 66 (2W) Riverton 44

Final Score: Game 4 - (1E) Cheyenne Central 67 (4W) Rock Springs 46

Final Score: Game 5 - Thunder Basin 48 Star Valley 25 – semifinal - Bolts go to the championship for the first time in program history

Final Score: Game 6 - Cheyenne Central 67 Sheridan 45 (FWC) – semifinal - first state championship game appearance since they won it in 2016; 35th all-time appearance in a state title game


Final Score: Game 8 - Cheyenne East 71 Green River 65 – Green River is eliminated

Final Score: Game 9 - Riverton 45 Rock Springs 33  – Rock Springs is eliminated

Final Score: Game 10 - Riverton 81 Cheyenne East 67 – Consolation Trophy Game

Final Score: Game 12 - Sheridan 81 Star Valley 62 – 3rd Place Game

Final Score: Game 7 - Cheyenne Central 55 Thunder Basin 40 – Championship Game - 26th title in school history, first since 2016



Final Score: Game 1 - (3E) Buffalo 50 (2W) Lyman 47

Final Score: Game 2 - (4W) Mountain View 64 (1E) Rawlins 62

Final Score: Game 3 - (3W) Lander 68 (2E) Douglas 42

Final Score: Game 4 - (1W) Worland 63 (4E) Wheatland 49

Final Score: Game 5 - Mountain View 52 Buffalo 47 – semifinal - Buffalos are in the title game for the 1st time since 2007

Final Score: Game 6 - Worland 64 Lander 54 – semifinal - first title game appearance since 2017 for the Warriors


Final Score: Game 8 - Lyman 48 Rawlins 40 – Rawlins is eliminated

Final Score: Game 9 - Douglas 67 Wheatland 45 – Wheatland is eliminated

Final Score: Game 10 - Douglas 50 Lyman 43 – Consolation Trophy Game

Final Score: Game 12 - Buffalo 62 Lander 52 – 3rd Place Game

Final Score: Game 7 - Worland 55 Mountain View 49 – Championship Game - Warriors' 1st title since 2016 and 4th in school history


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