The annual Thoman Wrestling Dual Tournament took place at Green River High School in a highly competitive event. On the boy's side in Pool "A" Green River placed 1st with Laramie 3rd, Big Piney 5th, and Cokeville 6th. In Pool "B" Uintah, Utah placed 1st with Pinedale 2nd,  Campbell County 4th, and Wheatland 6th. In Pool "C", Rock Springs took the #1 spot, Evanston 2nd, Worland 3rd, Cheyenne South 5th, and Mountain View 6th. In Pool "D" Cheyenne East placed #1, Rawlins 2nd, Kemmerer 3rd, and Lyman 6th.

In the Gold Bracket finals, Uintah won the tournament with Cheyenne East 2nd, Green River 3rd, and Rock Springs 4th. In the Silver Bracket, Roosevelt, Utah took the top of the podium with Evanston 2nd, Pinedale 3rd, and Rawlins 4th. Here are the top individual performers for the boys at the Thoman Duals

106 lbs:

Hudson Baker-Rawlins                                         7-0

Kade Garcia-Rawlins                                            7-0

113 lbs:

Lucas Todd-Green River                                       7-0

120 lbs:

Adrian Trujillo-Rawloins                                         6-1

Ryan Nutt-Pinedale                                               6-1

Keith Shelton-Evanston                                         6-1

125 lbs: 

Gabriel Trujillo-Rawlins                                          7-0

Spencer Wright-Green River                                  7-0

132 lbs:

Kozad Porter-Cheyenne East                                7-0

Zachary Covolo-Rawlins                                        4-0

138 lbs:

Broc Fletcher-Rock Springs                                  7-0

Jake Hammer-Pinedale                                         4-0

144 lbs:

Kyson Hamilton-Evanston                                     7-0

Nick Weipert-Green River                                     7-0

150 lbs:

Liam Fox-Cheyenne East                                      7-0

Dakota Ledford-Laramie                                       7-0

Jackson Haider-Evanston                                     7-0

157 lbs:

Gabe Emery-Kemmerer                                        8-0

165 lbs:

James Herwaldt-Green River                                7-0

175 lbs:

Brady Roberts-Evanston                                       7-0

190 lbs:

Mathew Foster-Rock Springs                                7-0

Morgan Hatch-Lyman                                            4-0

215 lbs:

Tarrin Haws-Evanston                                           5-0

285 lbs:

Jamison Bade-Laramie                                         7-0

The Girl's portion of the Thoman Tournament was an individual event with team scores. Grantsville, Utah took 1st with 243 points, Pinedale 2nd with 150, Campbell County 3rd with 117, Kemmerer 4th with 105, and Green River 5th with 94 points. Here are the top 2 finishers in each weight class for the ladies.

100 lbs:

1. Rylie Meyer-Kemmerer

2. Zivah Sires-Grantsville

105 lbs:

1. Kaylea Mortensen-Pinedale

2. Caelia Moyer-Grantsville

110 lbs:

1. Brianna Uhrig-Green River

2. Ellie Bouzis-Campbell County

115 lbs:

1. Sidney Liechty-Evanston

2. Alexis Thompson-Pinedale

120 lbs:

1. Laynee Walker-Kemmerer

2. Lily Harris-Green River

125 lbs:

1. Rylee Anderson-Worland

2. Leah Larkin-Evanston

130 lbs:

1. Ariel Kumelos-Wheatland

2. Rivers-Carrell-Wheatland

135 lbs:

1. Mya Swain-Pinedale

2. Bri Liard-Rawlins

140 lbs:

1. Kaylie Julander-Kemmerer

2. Karlie Balfanz-Campbell County

145 lbs:

1. Lynsie Julander-Kemmerer

2. Courtney Mecham-Grantsville

155 lbs:

1. Sarah Eddy-Rock Springs

2. Lindee Ussing-Grantsville

170 lbs:

1. Harley Hunter-Campbell County

2. Page Tisdale-Pinedale

190 lbs:

1. Kira Hart-Grantsville

2. Seriah Lamb-Evanston

215 lbs:

1. Katy Dexter-Pinedale

2. Fatima Mata-Pinedale

We also have some fantastic photos of the Thoman Duals from Stephanie Peterson from SPhotography, Chrissy Sanchez, and Pinedale Wrangler Wrestling. They can be found in our gallery below. Enjoy and look for someone you know.

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Thoman Wrestling Duals

Thoman Wrestling Duals

Gallery Credit: Chrissy Sanchez, Pinedale Wrangler Wrestling, Stephanie Peterson, SPhotography,

Wyoming High School Wrestling
Photo Courtesy: Stephanie Peterson/SPhotography

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