The Girls State Track and Field Meet concluded on Saturday in Casper with pleasant weather conditions with more state and overall records being set. Addie Pendergast of Sheridan set two overall records with a time of 54.40 in the 400 Meters and 42.69 in the 300 hurdles. Taliah Morris of Cheyenne East set yet another overall mark on Saturday, this time in the 200 Meters with a time of 23.45

Brooklyn Asmus of Torrington set a new 3A mark in the 200 at 24.24 while Lander set the 3A record in the 4x400 Meter Relay in 4.03.66. Over in 1A Cokeville's Addison Barnes owns the class record in the 300 Hurdles in 44.48.

In the girl's team standings, Sheridan won the 4A State Championship for the first time since 1983, Lander captured the 3A title for the first time since 2001, Kemmerer won the 2A girls Championship and that was their first title in girls' track and field since 1984. Cokeville won the 1A Championship for the 2nd time in 4 years. Here is a rundown of the Girl's State Champions in each event.

100 Meters:

4A: Taliah Morris-Cheyenne East 11.93

3A: Brooklyn Asmus-Torrington 12.26

2A: Melody ZumBrunnen-Lusk 12.79

1A: Vinaya Vanderploeg-Riverside 13.13

200 Meters:

4A: Taliah Morris-Cheyenne East 23.45

3A: Brooklyn Asmus-Torrington 24.24

2A: Melody ZumBrunnen-Lusk 25.69

1A: Addison Barnes-Cokeville 25.62

400 Meters:

4A: Addie Pendergast-Sheridan 54.40

3A: Brooklyn Asmus-Torrington 57.51

2A: Micah Strong-Big Piney 59.17

1A: Mia Dayton-Cokeville 59.64

800 Meters:

4A: Ada Nelson-Cody 2.12.93

3A: Lily Nichols-Wheatland 2.22.48

2A: Micah Strong-Big Piney 2.21.18

1A: Mia Dayton-Cokeville 2.24.61

1600 Meters:

4A: Ada Nelson-Cody 5.07.81

3A: Madison Antonino-Pinedale 5.15.85

2A: Jolynn Jones-Big Piney 5.36.39

1A: Bryli Groll-Cokeville 5.47.52

3200 Meters:

4A: Ally Wheeler-Natrona 11.23.54

3A: Madison Antonino-Pinedale 11.21.66

2A: Emma York-Big Piney: 12.32.89

1A: Bryli Groll-Cokeville 12.44.42

100 Hurdles:

4A: Addison Alley-Riverton 14.81

3A: Jaylee Antonino-Mountain View 15.20

2A: Laynee Walker-Kemmerer 16.96

1A: Addison Barnes-Cokeville 15.73

300 Hurdles:

4A: Addie Pendergast-Sheridan 42.69

3A: Paisley Hollingshead-Lander 44.60

2A: Laynee Walker-Kemmerer 47.45

1A: Addison Barnes-Cokville 44.88

4X100 Relay:

4A: Kelly Walsh 48.54

3A: Torrington 43.81

2A: Kemmerer 52.19

1A: Riverside 51.34

4x400 Relay:

4A: Laramie 3.59.08

3A: Lander 4.03.66

2A: Kemmerer 4.17.12

1A: Southeast 4.17.39

4x800 Relay:

4A: Laramie-9.46.88

3A: Lander 10.04.02

2A: Kemmerer- 10.49.46

1A: Saratoga 11.16.32

1600 Medley:

4A: Cody-4.06.74

3A: Wheatland-4.10.56

2A: Sundance-4.27.43

1A: Cokeville 4.29.43

High Jump:

4A: Valerie Jirak-Star Valley 5-6

3A: Jaylee Antonino-Mountain View 5-4

2A: Mackelle Moss-Rocky Mountain 5-2

1A: Addison Barnes-Cokeville 5-2

Long Jump:

4A: Taliah Morris-Cheyenne East 20-8.50

3A: Lily Nichols-Wheatland 18-9.50

2A: Melody ZumBrunnen-18-2.50

1A: Sophie Louderback-Upton 17-0.75

Triple Jump:

4A: Karson Tempel-Cheyenne Central 38-3.50

3A: Jaylee Antonino-Mountain View 37-1

2A: Chaney Reish-Tongue River 34-9

1A: Maddie Mills-Upton 35-4

Pole Vault:

4A: Lilly Charest-Sheridan 11-9

3A: Mylie Micheli-Mouintain View 10-6

2A. Laynee Walker-Kemmerer 10-6

1A: Dakota Cervantes-Riverside 9-3


4A: Brynn Sybrant-Natrona 127-11

3A: Katy Dexter-Pinedale 144-6

2A: Jessica Hoffman-Pine Bluffs 116-6

1A: Harper Boche-Southeast-166-4


4A: Teagan Becker-Kelly Walsh 42-8

3A: Adelyn Anderson-Lander 44-7.25

2A: Jessica Hoffman-Pine Bluffs 35-7.75

1A. Harper Boche-Southeast 41-8.75

Take a few minutes to look at our video from some of the girls events on the track from Saturday at the Harry Geldien Stadium as well as some first class photos from Shannon Dutcher. Enjoy!

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2024 Girls State Track Meet-Saturday

2024 Girls State Track Meet-Saturday

Gallery Credit: Shannon Dutcher, Frank Gambino

Wyoming High School Track and Field
Photo Courtesy: Shannon Dutcher

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