The Champions of the 2013 season will soon be crowned, and plans for the 2014 season are already in place.

Schedules for the 2014 football season are complete.

There's a few changes in the bigger classes, with more in the smaller classes.

To see a teams' 2014 schedule, mouse over the "Teams" tab at the top of this page, find and click on the team, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Exact dates of games are to be determined, but we know which team is facing which, where, and in what order.

Some teams only have 7 games scheduled, but that doesn't mean there's always an off week.

Teams could try to schedule an out of state opponent, or match up with the JV squad from a team from a bigger class.

Here are some of the things we noticed about the 2014 schedules.

Check out week 1 in all classes. It's hard to top this lineup on September 4, 5 and/or 6...Natrona at East, Powell at Douglas, Big Horn at Lovell, Cokeville at Mountain View, and Dubois at Guernsey.

4A: If you remember the 2013 schedule...same teams, same order, other place. This means Natrona travels to East and Gillette, but gets Sheridan home. East gets Natrona and Sheridan home, but goes to Gillette in week 8. East has both Central and South on the road. The Thunderbirds were supposed to have both at home in the 2013 regular season, but due to work being done at Okie Blanchard Stadium, they moved the games.

3A: Teams have changed up some of their non-conference games, and the order of conference games has been moved around. As a result, some match-ups will be at the same place as they were in 2013. Powell and Douglas start the season against each other in Douglas, which is a 3A championship rematch. Green River dropped Buffalo and Douglas from the schedule, and replaced then with Rawlins and Torrington. Cody and Powell has been moved to week 8, and it will be at Powell again. Other matchups where Team A travels to Team B for the 2nd year in a row...Star Valley at Douglas, Green River at Riverton, Powell at Buffalo, Green River at Cody, Powell at Green River, Jackson at Powell, Cody at Jackson, Cody at Powell, Green River at Star Valley, Worland at Green River, Worland at Cody, Buffalo at Rawlins, Torrington at Buffalo, Riverton at Powell, Rawlins at Jackson, Douglas at Torrington, Rawlins at Douglas, Rawlins at Torrington, Riverton at Rawlins, Torrington at Riverton, Riverton at Lander.

2A: Tongue River and Moorcroft dropped to 1A, meaning there are only 14 teams...and Thermopolis shifted to the East. Burns has to wait until week 4, to go for their revenge, but they'll have to do it in Thermop. Big Horn may have the toughest first 2 games of any team, playing at Lovell and home vs. Lyman. Mountain View will travel across I-80 to Burns. Newcastle has week 1 open, unless they can find someone else to play before they travel to Burns. Greybull-Lovell, Big Piney-Pinedale and Mountain View-Lyman has been moved to week 8. Glenrock and Kemmerer will renew their rivalry. With only 7 teams in each conference, that means in each week , between weeks 2 and 8, there are be 1 team in each conference, playing a non-conference game. There are a few matchups where Team A travels to Team B for the second year in a row. This includes...Big Horn at Glenrock, Big Horn at Newcastle, Glenrock at Burns, Glenrock at Wright, Glenrock at Wheatland, Newcastle at Glenrock, Wheatland at Wright, Lovell at Big Piney, Big Piney at Greybull, Kemmerer at Big Piney, Big Piney at Lyman, Greybull at Kemmerer, Pinedale at Greybull, Mountain View at Pinedale, Lovell at Mountain View, and Lyman at Lovell. There's also Thermopolis going to Pinedale again, but this time it is a non-conference game.

1A: With 7 teams in the East, each team has one open week in their schedule between week 2 and week 8. Some will take the week off, while others might find a JV opponent from a school in a bigger class. Moorcroft and Tongue River are in the east. Lingle-Ft. Laramie vs. Southeast has been moved up from week 8 to week 4. Wyoming Indian and Saratoga return to 1A, and will be in the west. An 8-team west means all team will be locked into conference games, between week 2-8. There are a few matchups where Team A traveled to Team B in 2013...and will travel there again in 2014. Riverside at Burlington, Burlington at Wind River, Burlington at Cokeville, Shoshoni at Burlington, Shoshoni at Cokeville, Cokeville at Rocky Mountain, Cokeville at Wind River, Wind River at Riverside, Rocky Mountain at Riverside, Riverside at Shoshoni, Rocky Mountain at Shoshoni, Wind River at Rocky Mountain, Shoshoni at Wind River, Southeast at Pine Bluffs, Upton-Sundance at Southeast, Pine Bluffs at Upton-Sundance, Lingle-Ft. Laramie at Lusk, Lusk at Pine Bluffs, and Pine Bluffs at Lingle-Ft. Laramie

11-man Interclass Notes: The Burns/Pine Bluffs rivalry returns, as does Greybull/Riverside. By this, we mean that it's not a zero week game. However, the Wheatland/Torrington game could not be worked into the schedule, as well as Thermopolis/Worland, and the Thunder Bowl rivalry between Big Horn and Tongue River will take a break, unless any of them is worked into a zero week game. One other note...Cokeville will open the season at Mountain View, for the second year in a row.

6-Man: Depending on how parity works, Guernsey may have a great schedule, or maybe not. The Vikings are the only team that play all the other 3 semi-finalists from the 2013 season. They start home vs. Dubois, then later have Midwest at home, and then travel to Meeteetse. Midwest could have the hardest schedule, with road games at Farson-Eden, Guernsey, Kaycee and Hulett. Rock River debuts in the 6-man varsity ranks, but only drew a 7-game schedule...with 3 home 4 away, and their first 2 are on the road vs. St. Stephens and Normative Services. The Longhorns get their first home game in week 3 vs. Kaycee. There are 7 teams in the east and 6 in the west. The odd part about Meeteetse's schedule , is that they will have all of their conference games played, by week 6, and Dubois and Guernsey will be done with conference business, by week 7. As for matchups where Team A goes to Team B for the second year in a row...Guernsey at Kaycee, Hulett at H.E.M., H.E.M. at Normative Services, Kaycee at H.E.M., Normative Services at Hulett, Midwest at Hulett, Normative Services at Kaycee, Farson-Eden at Dubois, Meeteetse at Little Snake River, Ten Sleep at Meeteetse, Meeteetse at St. Stephens, and St. Stephens at Ten Sleep.