There's a different crowd on top of the 4A standings, compared to the past few years.

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Laramie 0-1

Natrona 0-1


3A East:

Buffalo 0-0

Douglas 0-0

Lander 0-0 (17-game losing streak)

Rawlins 0-0


3A West: (Conference Record listed first, then Overall Record)

Cody 0-0

Jackson 0-0

Powell 0-0

Worland 0-0


2A East:

Burns 0-0


2A West:

Lovell 0-0

Lyman 0-0

Kemmerer 0-0 (28-game losing streak. The record is 35.)


1A East:

Lusk 0-0

Wright 0-0


1A West:


6-Man East:

H.E.M. 0-0

Hulett 0-0

Kaycee 0-0

Lingle-Ft. Laramie 0-0 (ineligible for playoffs)

Midwest 0-0


6-Man West: (Conference Record listed first, then Overall Record)

Dubois 0-0

Riverside 0-0 (ineligible for playoffs)

St. Stephens 0-0 (22-game losing streak. Winless since football returned to program in 2013)